Recently Colby Community College instructor and counselor Ryan Hale made presentations to about 120 rescue workers in the Denver area. His topics covered work-related stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and suicide among rescue workers. 

"Compared with the civilian population, rescue workers have a PTSD rate two-and-a-half times higher, and 25 times the suicide rate,” Hale said. “Nearly 40 percent of rescue workers will meet the criteria for clinical depression at some point in their careers and over a quarter of paramedics have contemplated ending their lives during their careers.” 

Overall, Hale presented 12 times – six to the North Metro Fire Department in Denver and six to the Westminster Police Department 

“I'm excited to share my experience in EMS, law enforcement and mental health. These are important and relevant topics when it comes to helping the helpers.” Hale concluded.