Forty-two new members of the Rho Iota Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Colby Community College were inducted into the international honor society on Saturday, May 2.  

Phi Theta Kappa is the largest Honor Society in American higher education with more than 3 million members and over 1,285 recognized chapters.  The primary purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize and encourage scholarship, learning and academic achievement among two-year college students. Membership is based on grade point averages and other criteria with members focusing on scholastic achievement and service to community and campus.

New members include Shaelyn Akers, Micah Baehler, Ashley Beek, Noe Belmares, Jason Berry, Eric Bose, Chelsie Calliham, Caleb Carter, Jenae Chegwidden, Edwin Chessell, Shania Dirks, Allyson Dorrell, Loren Evans, Kwencey Eyl, Emily Fields, Josephina Garcia, Paula Hale, MacKenzie Hansen, Tanner Harvey, Jenny Haywood, Austin Ihle, Callie Kuntz, Lacie, Langhofer, Avery Lee, Cordae McKelvy, Lina Mumm, McCaela Nelson, Steven Nelson, Shawna Ochs, Clay Patton, Felany Phan, Anthony Rohr, Briana Roth, Lynnette Rutherford Lee, Tahnee Saxton, Joshua Schoenberger, Tanya Snyder, Christina Speaks, Christopher Speaks, Toni Stickles, Morgan Vap, and Trizer Wangari.

Officers for 2014-15 are Marissa Bland, President; Erica Cusnariov, Vice President; KaiLee Homburg, Treasurer; and Abigayil Russ, Public Relations.

Advisors for Phi Theta Kappa are Brent Wilson and Dr. Beth Fenton.