For the second consecutive year, Colby Community College has the highest graduation rates among all Kansas community colleges and holds the best retention rate, according to the 2023 Community College Data Book. The annual report, which evaluates the 19 Kansas community colleges, is published by the Kansas Board of Regents.

Data for graduation is based on the 2018 cohort of students. Rates are measured by the percentage of first-time, full-time students who begin and complete an associate degree from the same institution within two years (100%) or three years (150%). Colby ranked first in both categories. The college graduated 47.6 % in two years and 50% over three years.

Retention is measured by the number of first-time, full-time degree-seeking students attending an institution for the fall semester and returning for the following fall semester. The sector rate was the highest at Colby, with 68.2% in the 2020 cohort. For part-time students, the college had the second-highest retention (51.9%).

In five of the last eight years, Colby Community College had the highest first-year, first-time graduation rate.

"This level of sustained success is unprecedented amongst our community college peers," said President Dr. Seth Carter. "It speaks to the quality of students, employees, and trustees."

Additionally, the College has been number one in other areas, posting the highest student headcount growth for seven years, although the college is the second-highest this year.

"Considering the average student headcount across Kansas community colleges fell by 17.2% over the last five years, Colby Community College is incredibly fortunate to sustain growth even though we were not at the top this year," Carter added. "The college's student outcomes illustrate a commitment to sustained academic excellence and achievement."