Colby Community College joined more than 65,000 adult educators in "Moving Ahead with Adult Ed," a new national campaign to enroll adult learners in programs that equip them with skills necessary for high school equivalency and jobs that pay a family-sustaining wage.

The #MovingAheadWithAdultEd campaign focuses on re-engaging millions of Americans who need additional skills to compete in the workforce and recover financially from the pandemic. In addition to providing industry skills training, adult education programs teach literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy, as well as offer high school equivalency classes.

In northwest Kansas, approximately 240 people are served through the CCC adult education program each year. Programs provide face-to-face instruction with Zoom backup for Covid-related circumstances. To ensure a safe learning environment, guidelines and sanitation protocols from the Centers for Disease Control are in place for in-person instruction.

"Adult education provides on-ramps to better jobs and to community college," said Nance Munderloh, CCC adult education director. "The infrastructure is in place to reskill and upskill Americans and not only get them back into the workforce but get them into better jobs than they had before the pandemic."

For more information on adult education classes, visit the Colby Community College website or call (785) 460-4663.