Following guidelines by health officials to avoid large groups, Colby Community College employees will begin a remote working plan Monday. With the strategy, limited personnel will still work on campus.

All facilities remain closed to the public until further notice.

Face-to-face classes are transitioning to online delivery beginning March 30. Spring break, scheduled for March 16-20, was extended one week as faculty modify syllabi for the change.

CCC officials are confident about the shift. The college's online platform, ColbyConnect, has a stable foundation, and enrollment has grown exponentially since 2017.

"The majority of our classes will be able to continue," said Executive Vice President Brad Bennett. "We have the infrastructure in place to deliver remote education and the support services students need."

Bennett added that the college had taken additional steps to help with recent changes.

"We also activated a task-force charged with planning and overseeing this transition, and contracted with a consultant to provide increased support training for faculty who are new to remote education."

Technical programs that require clinicals and other hands-on training are working out details with instructors and respective accrediting bodies.

Residents in student housing who need books and other academic supplies from their rooms were instructed to contact the college to have materials shipped.

CCC President Dr. Seth Carter said he appreciates everyone involved for their resilience and understanding.

"We cannot express enough gratitude to the students, staff, and the community as we work through these unprecedented times."

Updates on the college's responses to COVID-19 are posted at