During the fall semester Colby Community College freshmen students completed service learning projects as part of Student Success Seminar, a course for first-time, full-time and part-time students. The class is a requirement for degree-seeking students enrolled in transfer and technical curriculums.

The objective of the assignment is to give attention to human diversity. Each class got to choose the projects. A portion of the students researched and signed petitions on issues they care about, registered to vote, and attended fundraisers. Some classes did a trash pickup around campus and the walking trail, while a few assisted in mass mailings for recruiting. Others helped clean up at the college farm and assisted with pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade classes in Colby. 

“Service learning projects are worthy ventures with short and long-term societal benefits,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. George McNulty. “These projects extend beyond the value added to this community; there is hope the experience gained from participation in these educational events will increase students’ desires to continue contributing to their communities in the future. Service to the community enriches lives.”