NOTE: Scholarship updates are shared through CCC email accounts assigned to students who have applied for admission and been accepted.  


Colby Community College sponsors a strong student scholarship program. Scholarships are available to promote academic excellence, develop leadership, and to help students achieve their academic goals by minimizing financial barriers.  Colby Community College offers scholarships in the following categories:

  • Academic Scholarships
  • Co-Curricular Scholarships
  • Endowment Foundation Scholarships
  • Leadership Scholarships
  • Tuition-Based Scholarships

The Scholarship Application for the 2023-24 Academic year is now OPEN!


Helpful Links


Scholarship Deadlines

Priority Deadlines*

1st Priority Deadline: December 31
2nd Priority Deadline: February 15


*These deadlines apply to most scholarships. Be sure to read the description of each scholarship for specific information regarding the opportunity.

Scholarships are awarded through AwardSpring. Students have two weeks from the date the scholarship is awarded to accept it. Students should access their AwardSpring account regularly to check on the status of their scholarship applications. 

NOTE: Any student who has attempted to complete more than 93 CCC credits hours will not be eligible for institutional scholarships with the exception of non-degree seeking students or those students who have previously completed a degree.

Scholarship Policy

This policy is subject to change pending approval by the CCC Board of Trustees.