Dr. Chris Price, Colby Community College history instructor, authored an article that will be published in an upcoming issue of “Baptist History & Heritage.” It is the second time the journal has published his work.

His article, “Spreading American Values and the Gospel: North Dakota Baptists in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era,” will appear in the fall 2015 edition scheduled for release in late December.

The “Baptist History & Heritage Journal,” a peer-reviewed academic journal, is a publication of the Baptist History & Heritage Society. Contributors include Baptist and religious historians, as well as clergy and lay persons.

Price’s article is a revision of a presentation he gave at the 2014 Baptist History & Heritage Society’s annual conference at Sioux Falls Seminary in South Dakota. The paper was based on his dissertation research at the University of North Dakota.

In addition to two works appearing in “Baptist History & Heritage,” Price has had two book reviews featured in other peer-reviewed journals. In 2012, his book, “The Old Church on Walnut Street: A Story of Immigrants and Evangelicals,” was published by the Grand Forks Community Land Trust.

Price is in his third year teaching at Colby Community College. The Boomer, W.Va., native holds a Doctor of Arts in history from the University of North Dakota; a master’s degree in history from Marshall University; and a Bachelor of Arts in history and government from West Virginia University Institute of Technology.