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CCC associate degree tops list

CCC associate degree tops list

Fri Nov 19, 2021

University HQ BadgeOnline higher education resource University HQ placed Colby Community College in the top spot for their Best Associate Degrees in Kansas report.

The study considered several factors including:

Cost of tuition – On average, students can take a full course load with room and board for less than $10,000 per year.  

Retention rate – Calculated by the percentage of incoming first-year students who return the following year, the retention rate at Colby is consistently among the best in the state. Renovated housing, financing options, counseling and advising services, and new facilities make CCC an attractive choice.  

Graduation Rate – One-on-one advising, free tutoring, and accessible instructors allow students to position themselves for success. The latest graduation rate is 54 percent.

Salary of graduates – CCC offers several programs in high-demand and high-paying fields, so graduates often rank near the top among Kansas peers for their return on investment.

Loan default rate – Related to the cost of attendance and salaries of graduates, the loan default rate of Colby alumni is 8.1 percent, significantly lower than the national average of 10.8 percent.

Percentage of students receiving financial assistance – Because various federal, institutional, and outside funding options are available, about 90 percent of Colby students receive aid.

Research information came from government websites produced by the National Center for Education Statistics, the Department of Education's College Scorecard, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and independent compensation software and data company Payscale.