Award winners have been announced for the annual Art on the Oasis show held March 5-7 at Colby Community College. Organizers extend appreciation to the donors and communities involved with another successful event.

The judge was Fort Hays State University sculpture professor Tobias Flores.
The top three artists in professional, amateur, and high school divisions were presented with cash prizes. High schools at the show included Colby, Decatur Community, Hoxie, Oakley, Phillipsburg, Wheatland-Grinnell, and Wauneta-Palisade in Nebraska.

Julie Peterson-Shea of Phillipsburg received Best of Show. The top three placers are listed in each division with their current town or school.


Opaque Painting
1. Wendy Tan, Hays
2. Marilyn Frisbee, McDonald
3. James Spivey, Goodland

Transparent Painting
1. Von Pounds, Larned

Mixed Medium
1. Rebel Mahieu, Colby
2. Abby Killingsworth, Goodland
3. Jared Ean Jennings, Hays (Fort Hays State University student)

1. Julie Peterson-Shea, Phillipsburg
2. Kary Zweygardt, St. Francis
3. Crystal Hammerschmidt, Hays (FHSU)

1. Dan Schluckebeir, Palisade, Neb.
2. Cassi Rebman, Hays (FHSU)
3. James Hahn, Hays

1. Rex Rosenburg, Great Bend
2. Rosenburg
3. Doyle Saddler, Colby

Best of Show
Julie Peterson-Shea, Phillipsburg


Opaque Painting
1. Theresa Reeves, Oberlin
2. Thomas Peyton, Mingo
3. Reeves

Transparent Painting
1. Suzanne Schielke, Colby
2. Carla Johnson, Oakley (CCC student)
3. Johnson

Mixed Medium
1. Carla Johnson, Oakley (CCC)
2. Suzanne Schielke, Colby
3. Jackie Miller, Colby (CCC)

1. Suzanne Schielke, Colby
2. Thomas Peyton, Mingo
3. Mara Hemel, Hays (FHSU)

1. Eleanor Carlson, Hays
2. Sage Lohoefener, Oberlin (CCC)
3. Daniel Perez, Idalia, Colo. (CCC)

1. Erin Burke, Colby (CCC)
2. Burke

High School

1. Sophia Alfaya, Wauneta-Palisade (Neb.)
2. Landon Rinehart, Colby
3. Laredo Allemang, Wheatland-Grinnell

Mixed Media
1. Will Bradley, Colby
2. Landon Rinehart, Colby
3. Rinehart

1. Andelyn Johnson, Oakley
2. Lakin Denny, Colby
3. Ainsley Wolf

1. Neveah Nelson, Wheatland-Grinnell
2. Citori Bosserman, Oakley
3. Mireya Villa, Hoxie

1. Mia Hamilton, Colby
2. Mary McConald, Wheatland-Grinnell
3. Baylee Alexander, Colby