Colby Community College will begin on the original published date of August 17 and modify the academic calendar to end face-to-face classes Nov. 24, the school announced Thursday. The change comes in response to projections by health officials of a second COVID-19 outbreak in the fall.

CCC classes are typically held Monday through Thursday, with most meeting for 75 minutes in a Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday format. The first six Fridays of the semester will be used to add the required seat-time.

The campus is usually closed during the week of Thanksgiving, but in the fall semester, finals will be held Monday, Nov. 23, and Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Online classes will continue as scheduled with no changes. Other fall sessions, such as those that begin in September and October, will transition online after Nov. 24 with a limited number of face-to-face courses. Technical programs that require clinical instruction will follow the regular schedule and adjust modalities as needed.

An official academic calendar will be released later this month.

UPDATE: The CCC Board of Trustees approved an updated academic calendar at the June 15 monthly meeting.