The Jan. 31 Colby Community College Thirsty Thursday art show will feature large sculpture by Fort Hays State senior art student Ashley Smith and works by Colby High School advanced art students. The exhibition will be open from 6-8 p.m. in the Cultural Arts Center gallery.

Originally from Hays, Smith has been influenced by Vincent Van Gogh, Claes Oldenburg, FHSU professor Toby Flores, and current FHSU graduate student Kurt Breshears.

“I love the fluidity of Van Gogh’s work, and try to replicate those movements in my sculptures,” Smith said. “I enjoy Toby’s flexibility in his works, from humor to large scale, and everything in between. His blacksmithing skills are admirable, and he is a very down-to-earth professor. I admire the size sculpture that Claes Oldenburg creates on everyday objects. I strive to follow him in size, but with works that reflect myself more so. And I admire Kurt’s work because he is creating big works in the studio under the same intentions that I am.”

Colby High School art instructor Trish Starbuck said advanced art students are in their third or fourth year of art and students taking Advanced Clay. Every student in Advanced Art or Clay II will have at least one piece on display.

“The exhibit will consist of a variety of art media and techniques such as drawings, paintings, clay pots and sculptures and even an installation piece,” Starbuck said. ”An installation is a combination of sculpture, drawing and painting that is intended to alter the space where it is exhibited for a short time. In this installation, the viewer is encouraged to enter the art environment, interact with it and take pictures.

Starbuck has taught art in the Colby district for 20 years and is currently in her fourth year teaching at the high school.

“The students have been hard at work creating artwork and would love the public to attend and enjoy their creative efforts.”

Refreshments will be served at the come-and-go event.

Thirsty Thursday is hosted the third Thursday of each month during the academic year by the CCC art department. There is no admission charge.

For more information, contact art instructor Rebel Mahieu at (785) 460-5459.