Award winners have been announced for the annual Art on the Oasis show held March 1-3 at Colby Community College. The top three artists in amateur, professional and high school divisions were presented with cash prizes. Sponsors of the show include the Seth Carter family, the Greater NW Kansas Foundation, German Hernandez and Rebel Mahieu, High Plains Art Club, the Kansas Insurance Co. (Dennis Tubbs), McCarty Dairy, People's State Bank, and Tuffy and Linda Taylor. High schools at the show included Colby, Oakley, Wheatland-Grinnell, Golden Plains, Wauneta-Palisade, Neb., Hoxie, and Oberlin.

Lucas Kotschuran of McCook, Neb. won the People's Choice award, and August Hutfles from Colby received Best of Show. Other winners are listed below by division.

Opaque Painting
1: Tom Peyton, Mingo; Near Leoti, Kansas.
2: Hannah Brock McCook, Neb.; Misty Mornings.
3: David Ketchum, Rexford; A Full Life.

Transparent Painting
1: Marji Brown, Colby; View of Thomas County Courthouse.
2: Marji Brown, Colby; Memories of Nova Scotia.
3: Ron Evans McCook, Neb.; Heron in Pond.
Mixed Media
1: Suzanne Schielke Colby; Stacked.

1: Molly Lamb, Russel Springs; The Full Monty.
2: Eriza KinderKnecht Hoxie; Red Robin.
3: Jan Graham Imperial, Neb.; Elephant.

1: Ashley Smith, Hays; Exhilarating Madness.
2: Ashley Smith, Hays; Figure #2.
3: JR Hahn, Hays; Mom Struck.

1: Rex Rosenburg, Great Bend; At Rest.
2: Denise Anderson, Colby; No 853 Sherman Co.
3: Sherily Morse, Imperial, Neb.; Monarch Migration.

Peoples Choice
Lucas Kotschuran, McCook, Neb.

Opaque Painting
1: Lucas Kotshwar, McCook Neb.; Untitled.
2: Rebel Mahieu, Colby; I Already Cleaned.
3: Donna Roberts, Colby; Embarkment.

Transparent Painting
1: Rick Johnson, McCook, Neb.; Private Property.
2: Rick Johnson, McCook, Neb.; Rocky Meadow.
3: Kary Zwengardt, St. Francis.; Bufflo Sunset.

Mixed Media
1: Rebel Mahieu, Colby; And May Shadow Dawns To Life.
2: Donna Roberts, Colby; In the Mix.
3: Donna Roberts, Colby; Trust in the Wait.

1: Lucas Kotshwar, McCook, Neb.; Untitled.
2: Kary Zwengardt, St.Francis; Three Kings.

1: Toby Flores, Hays; All Loved Carnitas.
2: Toby Flores, Hays; Horse Can't See His Own Butt.
3: Toby Flores, Hays; Tiny Human.

1: Doyle Saddler, Colby; Rusting Away.
2: Doyle Saddler, Colby;Thumper.
3: Stan Shook, Wichita; TT. Wallace.

Best of Show
August Hutfles, Colby.

High School
1: Jordyn Vincent, Wheatland-Grinnell; Let'm Grow.
2: Aabri Iverson, Wheatland-Grinnell; Birds Eye View.
3: Abby Depenbush, Hoxie; Feeling Blue.

Mixed Media
1: Ethan Beckman, Wheatland-Grinnell; Dream of 2.
2: Kassidy White, Colby; Snowheart.
3: April Swarts, Colby; Lost in London.

1: Morgan Zimmerman, Wheatland-Grinnell; Power to Transform.
2: Eirnee Chapin, Wheatland-Grinnell; The Boys of Rodeo.
3: Abigail Wetter, Colby; Kio Fish.

1: Makenna Mettlen, Colby; Fall Leaves.
2: Jaylyn Metter, Colby; Manie Quin.
3: Makenna Mettlen Colby; Turtle.

1: Ryanne Meyer, Colby; Concentration.
2: Jordyn Lownie, Oakley; Untitled.
3: Drew Starbuck, Colby; Breaking Through.