David Aiken, professor in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Agricultural Economics, will be the first speaker at the 2017-18 Dr. Max Pickerill Lecture Series on Tuesday, Sept. 5. The presentation begins at 7 p.m. in Frahm Theatre on the CCC campus.

An attorney, Aiken has taught agricultural law, water law and environmental law in the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources for nearly four decades.

Aiken is the author of “Development of the Appropriation Doctrine: Adapting Water Allocation Policies to Semi-Arid Environs” (Great Plains Quarterly 1988). He has authored articles on water law and agricultural law, specializing in ground water management policies, agricultural nonpoint pollution control policies, and the tension between environmental protection and irrigation development.

His September 5 talk will examine the historical development of water law in the western United States, how water and its scarcity has influenced economic development of the West, and western water policy challenges, including how global warming will influence western ground water management policies.

There is no charge to attend the presentation. The Max Pickerill Lecture Series is funded annually by anonymous donors. For more information contact Dr. Linda Davis-Stephens at (785) 460-5528.