Standard Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements
  • 6 credit hours in written communication (English Comp I and English Comp II)
  • 3 credit hours in oral communication
  • 6 credit hours in natural science and mathematics
  • 6 credit hours in social and behavioral sciences
  • 6 credit hours in arts and humanities
  • 1 credit hour in health/physical education (lifestyle course or skill course)

  • An additional 9 credit hours of general education courses in the areas of written and oral communication, social and behavioral sciences, and arts and humanities. The program of study is transferable and equivalent to the freshman- and sophomore-level requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree.
  • Minimum of 62 credit hours is required for graduation.
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Criminal Justice/

Secondary Education
Early Childhood/ Elementary Ed
Social Work
Physical Education
General Studies
Political Science
Visual Arts
Graphic Design