1. Describe the nursing programs at Colby Community College (CCC).

CCC has a "1 + 1" program, meaning the practical nursing (PN) program prepares a student for the national exam to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN). The Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) is advanced study in nursing practice for preparation of the licensure exam to become a registered nurse (RN). You must have an LPN license or RRT or paramedic certification to enroll in the ADN program.

Full-time PN programs are offered in Colby and Norton. These programs typically meet for lecture/lab two days a week and twice a week for clinicals in August. 

The ADN program has a full-time day program in Colby. This program meets two days a week for lecture/lab with clinicals periodically throughout the year from August to May. CCC also offers an RRT/MICT (paramedic) to ADN Program for registered respiratory therapists and paramedics with MICT/Paramedic credentials to become eligible to take the Registered Nurse Exam. Transition courses begin in the summer and resume with the ADN coursework in the fall.

2. Are any of the Nursing Programs offered online?

No, but all pre-requisites/co-requisites and general education courses for the Nursing Program are offered online.

3. When is the deadline to apply for the Nursing Program?

March 15 for PN, ADN, and RRT/MICT to ADN. Typically, late applications are reviewed at the discretion of the nursing department until June or until classes are full.

4. Which immunizations are required?

-MMR (2 shots) or positive titer
-A negative TB Skin Test or negative chest x-ray
-Varicella (Chickenpox) (2 shots) or titer
-Hepatitis B (3 shots) or waiver
-Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (Adult TDaP)
-Influenza vaccine

5. What are the prerequisites for the Nursing Program?

The following are prerequisites for PN. They must be completed by August 1 with at least a "C."  
These courses must have been taken in the last ten years:

Basic Nutrition (3 credit hours)
Medical Terminology (1)                               
Developmental Psychology (3)
Anatomy and Physiology (5)                       

ADN Co-requisites:
-A current LPN, RRT, or MICT/Paramedic license and current CPR license. RRTs or MICT/Paramedics must have proof of employment at that level for one year.

The following courses must be completed with a "C" or above by graduation with an ADN degree:
General Psychology (3 credit hours)
English Composition I (3)
Public Speaking/Fundamentals of Oral Communication (3)
Microbiology (5)

6. What do I need to do to apply for the Nursing Program?

A COMPLETED packet needs to be mailed to the following addresses.

If applying to the Norton PN Program, mail to:
Norton Campus
Attn: Nursing Department
711 N. Norton
Norton, KS 67654

ALL other programs, mail to:
Colby Community College
Attn: Nursing Department
1255 S. Range Ave
Colby, KS 67701

A complete portfolio consists of the following:

  • Nursing Application
  • Health History form
  • Official college transcripts
  • Accuplacer scores (math, reading, and writing sections)
  • ATI TEAS entrance exam score
  • Immunizations
  • CPR card (PN and ADN)
  • CNA certificate (PN)
  • LPN/LVN or RRT/MICT license (ADN)

Incomplete portfolios will be mailed back to the applicant.

Please indicate on the application your campus preference. If this is left blank, it will be assumed your preference is the Colby Campus.

Information on obtaining an official high school or college transcripts. Unofficial CCC college transcripts can be printed through TrojanWeb for free.

7. What are the Accuplacer and ATI TEAS admission tests?

Both are standardized exams that evaluate basic academic skills. The Accuplacer is an adaptive test with no time limit and includes three sections: math, reading, and writing. Call Admissions at 785.460.4690 to schedule a time to take the exam in Colby, or 785.877.2735 to take the exam in Norton. 

The ATI TEAS is similar to the ACT test. It is timed and has four sections: Math, Reading, English, and Science. The maximum amount of time to complete the test is 3 hours. Most students complete it in 2-3 hours. It costs $60 (cash or check). Please call 785.460.4797 to schedule an exam in Colby or 785.877.2735 to do so in Norton starting in late October through late March. A student can take this exam twice per application season. 

The test can be taken at other high schools or colleges. Please mail the results with the portfolio.

8. How are the students selected for the Nursing Program?

It is selective admission and several areas have a point value assigned. Please see the forms section for admission criteria into each program.

PN applicants are ranked in numerical order according to an earned point system. The Colby campus accepts 30 students and the Norton campus accepts 20 students.

ADN applicants are also ranked in numerical order, according to an earned point system. The Colby campus accepts 40 students. 

For the ADN program, the minimum point total is 33. We accept 40 full-time students at the Colby campus.

9. I am a high school student and I want to become a nurse. When should I take the PN prerequisites?

If you are graduating in May and want to start the Nursing Program in August, please enroll in Anatomy and Physiology during the spring semester of high school. You can take the rest of the prerequisites during the first summer session at CCC.

You can also take the PN prerequisites during the fall semester, and the ADN general education courses during the spring semester. This route means the nursing program would be started one-year post-high school graduation.

10. What is the best time table for applying to the program? 


Task to Complete


Call with questions. Complete PN prerequisites during the Fall Semester.


Study for the ATI TEAS and Accuplacer tests.

Nov or Dec

Call and schedule a time to take the ATI TEAS and Accuplacer tests.


Gather and submit application packet.

March 15

Application deadline. Prepare for your interview.

April 9-13

Acceptance letters mailed. 


Intent to Enroll due. Mandatory Road Ahead (program orientation). Pinning and Graduation.


PN and ADN classes begin.  

11. What is some advice for applying to the program?

Start early! You never know what will come up at the last minute. Do not wait until the last week to complete the standardized exams or application packet. Fill out all information completely. Students changing their campus preference after the nursing application deadline will automatically be placed at the bottom of the applicant pool. Please call or email the nursing program with any questions. We are more than happy to help you.

12. Who may I contact for information on the Nursing Program? 

Colby CampusNorton Campus
Rikki Wait
Director of Nursing
Gracie Garcia
Admin. Assist. for Colby Campus

Connie Green
Admin. Assist. for Norton Campus