A career in nursing provides a wide variety of job opportunities and job security. Nurses practice in hospitals and nursing homes but also in community agencies which may include care of infants, children, adults or the elderly. Colby Community College offers a Certificate in Practical Nursing (PN) and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing (ADN). Upon completion the student is eligible to write the licensure exam for practical nursing or registered nursing respectively. Courses for the ADN program are offered on the Colby Campus. Courses for the PN program are offered at the Colby and Norton Campuses. CCC also offers courses necessary to work toward a baccalaureate degree in nursing.


Students make applications to the PN and ADN nursing programs on an annual basis each spring. The Kansas State Board of Nursing (KSBN) mandates the number of students that are accepted into these programs. More detailed information follows.

The entrance exam (TEAS) can be scheduled with the nursing department in Colby or Norton.

PN and ADN selection is based on a point system.


Our nursing program prepares you for a nurse generalist role.  Functional abilities to meet this role include cognitive, sensory/perceptual, psychosocial/emotional and physical principal capabilities to provide safer care to individuals or groups of individuals. View the standards and functional abilities necessary for participation in the nursing program.

  • MMR, 2 shots or positive rubella, mumps, and measles titer
  • TB Skin Test
  • Varicella, 2 shots or positive titer
  • Hepatitis B series (or waiver)
  • Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (adult Tdap)
  • Influenza Vaccine

PN Applicants

  • Current CPR card, Healthcare Provider
  • Current CNA certificate

ADN Applicants

  • Current CPR card, Healthcare Provider
  • Current LPN/LVN or RRT/MICT

Please utilize the following admission guidelines when applying. CCC's nursing program has two campuses. The Colby campus has a 1 + 1 program. PN programs are offered during the day at Colby and Norton. The ADN program has a full-time day option.  There is a bridge program with transition courses for RRT/MICT to ADN based at the Colby campus.

Application Requirements

To apply to the nursing program, please follow the steps listed below. Applicants for the program must submit an application packet containing items listed below. Students will not be considered for acceptance until a complete application packet is submitted. The deadline for the packet to be submitted to the Nursing office is March 15

Applicants must first be admitted to Colby Community College, which is a different process. If you have not applied to CCC yet, please apply now. After being accepted you can apply to the nursing program. 

To apply for the RRT/MICT bridge program, applicants need to contact the Director of ADN Nursing at Colby Community College: rikki.wait@colbycc.edu or call 785.460.5444. The program is limited to 10 students.

Follow the steps below to complete the application process. Mail your completed application packet to the CCC Department of Nursing. It is recommended that applicants complete two packets: one to submit to the CCC Nursing Department and one for your records.

Step 1

Read all information on the website to get details on the PN and ADN programs. The courses and prerequisites are explained in the Admission Information Document. Keep in mind there are prerequisite courses in the nursing program. Completed courses must be a "C" or better and within the time limits. The ADN program requires all applicants to have documentation of a current license, LPN or LVN. If applying directly from a PN program, all nursing courses must be a "B" average.

RRT/MICT application information: To be eligible for application to these bridge courses, the applicant must be a RRT or MICT with 1 year minimum of employment at that level. Proof of employment is required. Also, the applicant must send official transcripts and copy of the credentials. There are specific general education courses that need to be completed. See list above. All applicants need to talk to the Director of Nursing at Colby Community College: 785.460.5444.

Step 2

Download the Nursing Application for Admission to the PN,  ADN or RRT/MICT program.

Step 3

Fill out the application to the Nursing Program.

Step 4

For more information on transcripts, visit the Registrar page.

Step 5

Nursing Health Nurse Form For Admission

Step 6

Complete the Health History form. All sections are to be completed, including immunizations. Make two copies, one in your application packet and one for your records (you will need this information again). Copies of health immunizations and lab titers are due by April 1. These must be from a doctor, lab facility, or health department.

Step 7

Schedule the entrance exam, called the ATI TEAS test, by contacting the Colby Campus at 785.460.4797 or the Norton Campus at 785.877.2735. Specific information about the exam is available, including a study guide. There is a $60 fee for the exam. The ATI TEAS takes about three hours to complete, so please have your calendar ready when you schedule. If you have already taken the exam, your previous score can be submitted.

Step 8

PN Colby, RRT/MICT, and ADN applicants should send a complete application packet to:
CCC Department of Nursing
1255 S. Range
Colby, KS 67701

PN Norton applicants can send a complete application packet to:
CCC Norton Campus
711 N Norton
Norton, KS 67654

The deadline for the completed application packet to arrive at the Nursing Department is March 15.

Admission and Notification

Applicants are admitted in the spring for the next year's nursing class. Specific criteria is used for admission. There are 40 students admitted to the ADN program, 30 students in the Colby PN program, and 20 students in the Norton PN program. RRT/MICT is limited to 10 students.

All accepted applicants are required to attend the Road Ahead information session. The date will be given to successful applicants.

There is specific criteria for RRT/MICT admission. Every applicant must have documented evidence of employment for at least one year as a RRT or MICT. Transition courses need to be completed before entry into the A.D.N. program. For more information please contact the department at 785.460.4797