Dental Hygiene Admission

Admission Requirements

Annual Application deadline: Postmarked by February 10.

Are You Eligible to Apply? Please read all information carefully before submitting an application.
  • Department minimum grade on all prerequisite courses is “C” or better. No application will be considered with any grade lower.
  • Prerequisite courses must be completed by application deadline, which is February 10. Portfolios postmarked later than February 10, of current year will not be accepted.
   2nd year dental hygiene student, Tasha    2nd year student Cala inserts whitening mouthpiece.

Curriculum Prerequisites

  • All courses to be taken prior to sending in portfolio
  • Have to pass each class with a “C” or better
    • Two semesters of high school chemistry will be accepted.
    • Note: Biology is not required for program entry, however, two semesters of high school or one semester of college biology or an equivalent is strongly recommended. 
  • View the placement guide for standardized testing.
  • ACT Scores
    • For scores to be accepted, the test must have been taken within the last five years.
      • If outdated must retake ACT test or take another admissions test offered by the college. 
      • If you take a different admissions test you will need to call and verify the test is acceptable by Northcentral Technical College.
      • Note: Scores from ACT and other tests may not be mixed; nor may components from multiple test dates be mixed to fulfill testing requirements.
    • The following are the minimum test score standards for the ACT:
      • Math score: 18
      • Reading score: 19
      • English score: 18
    • If your score in any of these categories is lower than the number stated you must take college math, reading, and English courses and earn a “C” or better to show proficiency.
  • Students with an associate or bachelor degree are not required to take admission testing. Transcripts will confirm degrees taken.

Admissions Portfolio

Your portfolio has your letter of interest, transcripts and admission forms with nonrefundable processing fee.

Get Adobe ReaderGet started today by downloading the Checklist for Application Portfolio. Read carefully in order to confirm that you have met the admission requirements and included all required documentation in your application portfolio. Include this checklist in your portfolio.

NOTE: After you have been notified that your portfolio has been approved, you must contact the admission liaison if you have a change in phone number, and/or address. This is strictly your responsibility so we can contact you. If we cannot contact you, your file will be disregarded.

The postmark date serves as your application date (February 10). Incomplete application portfolios will be disregarded.