Publication & Logo Use

Campus Printing Policy and Logo Use Standards

The Public Relations Office is assigned the primary responsibility for overseeing the College’s publications. Publications include those used for recruitment of new students, those sent to the College’s various constituents as a medium for communicating official College information, and those deemed “image” publications that enhance recognition and understanding of the College. 

Branding Guidelines

CCC Branding and Style Guide

Visual materials, in both print and electronic form, convey the identity of the College. The overall goal is to formalize a unified institutional identity consistent with the Mission and Vision. Only approved logos, icons, and graphics should be used on CCC documents, publications, and electronic mediums. The Public Relations Office and Copy Center will not authorize publications that do not comply with the branding and style guidelines.


Blue CCC horizontal logo

Several versions of the CCC logo, horizontal and vertical, are available for different situations and layouts. Do not change or manipulate logo proportions or add any visual effects to the logo.


The athletic Trojan icon should be used when there is clear messaging from Colby
Community College and for athletics. Other versions of the icon are available by contacting the Public Relations Office. 

Color: Blue (PMS 286). 
Online equivalent: RGB: R: 0 G: 56 B: 168  /  RGB #0038a8
CMYK equivalent is C:100% M 66% Y: 0% K: 0%

CCC Trojan Logo


  1. All publications should be produced on campus when possible. Communication with the Copy Center about the scope of the project is recommended. Criteria to consider should include the number of copies needed, the type of paper, the use of photographs and color, method of printing, page size, and the overall cost of publication.
  2. All requests for on-campus and off-campus printing must be approved by a supervisor. This includes publications funded through grants and those for student organizations. The requester should follow the College purchasing policy.
  3. A draft of the publication should be edited by the requesting department and sent to the Public Relations Office for review.
  4. Once a publication is produced, an electronic copy should be shared with the Public Relations Office to be archived.