Transfer Policy

A student transferring to Colby Community College from any accredited college or university must have official transcripts mailed to the Registrar's Office (Colby Community College, 1255 South Range, Colby, KS 67701). A student may be eligible for an Associate of Arts Degree, an Associate of Science Degree, an Associate of General Studies Degree, an Associate of Applied Science Degree, or a Certificate Program utilizing the credit hours transferred from another accredited institution. A minimum of 15 semester hours must be completed through Colby Community College.


Course Transfer

There is a growing list of courses approved by the Kansas Board of Regents for guaranteed transfer among all Kansas public post-secondary institutions. From College Algebra and English Composition I & II, to Public Speaking and Art History I & II, a student who completes a course listed as a guaranteed transfer course at any Kansas public community college, technical college, or university can be certain that he or she can transfer that course to any other Kansas public institution in pursuit of a degree or credential. 

Visit the Kansas Board of Regents site for more information.


Reverse Transfer

Students who transfer to a Kansas public university from a Kansas public community college or technical college (or vice versa) are eligible for Reverse Transfer, which allows for the attainment of any associate degree for which one is eligible along the way to additional certificates and degrees. Within a student's first semester, those who transfer coursework from a public university, community college or technical college will be notified if they are eligible to be considered for reverse transfer degree status, and which courses are needed to finish the related degree. Students who then complete the coursework for a given associate degree will be eligible to receive that degree, administered automatically by correspondence between the new institution and the university, community college or technical college the student last attended.

Visit the Kansas Board of Regents site for more information.


Transfer Equivalencies

CCC students transfer go many directions after graduating. Some of the most common institutions provide guides so Trojans know exactly what will transfer to their new school.

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