Data for Student Achievement

This page provides resources to promote student success as well as to provide access to relevant data and statistics regarding previous students of Colby Community College.

  • Academic Catalog. Refer to the current academic catalog for course numbers and descriptions.
  • Academic Calendar. Mark important calendar dates such as add/drop dates, finals, and holidays.
  • Class and Finals Schedules. View the assigned times for classes and final examinations. 
  • Academic Program Requirements. Select the appropriate degree/ certificate option on the left to review specific program requirements. 
  • Admissions. Browse the admissions tab for information regarding tuition and fees, the refund policy, college payment options and more. 
  • Student Handbook. The student handbook addresses the student code of conduct, student rights, consequences for policy violations and more. 


Student Right to Know

Detailed information and data (regarding graduation and retention rates, student ethnicity and gender statistics, financial aid recipients, and more) for Colby Community College as well as a link to our most current IPEDS report is available through College Navigator, a service provided by National Center for Education Statistics.

You can also review a summary of student performance goals in our Student Success Measures.

Foresight 2020

The following is taken from The Kansas Board of Regents Website
In September 2010, the Kansas Board of Regents approved a 10-year strategic agenda for the state’s public higher education system. Entitled Foresight 2020, the plan sets long-range achievement goals that are measurable and reportable and it ensures the state’s higher education system meets Kansans’ expectations.

The three strategic goals of Foresight 2020 are: 

  1. Increase Higher Education Attainment Among Kansans
  2. Improve Alignment of the State's Higher Education System with the Needs of the Economy
  3. Ensure State University Excellence  

Download: Foresight 2020 Summary Overview - updated January 2014 (pdf) 

Third Annual Foresight 2020 Progress Report (January 2014)

  • Presentation - made to the Kansas BOR at the January 16, 2014 meeting; includes updates on measures
  • Report - written report on Foresight 2020 progress; includes appendices
  • Supplemental Notes - includes additional explanation on data and initiatives presented throughout the report
  • Glossary - defines terms used throughout the report

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