Program Summary

Degree Offered:

Associate of Science in Wildlife Biology

Classes Addressing Student Outcomes

BI177 Biology I w/ Lab
BI179 Biology II w/ Lab
BI276 Anatomy & Physiology I w/ Lab
BI277 Anatomy & Physiology II w/ Lab
BI280 Principles of Microbiology w/ Lab
CH177 Chemistry I w/ Lab
CH178 Chemistry II w/ Lab
CH225 Organic Chemistry I w/ Lab
CH235 Organic Chemistry II w/ Lab
MA178 College Algebra
MA205 Elements of Statistics
MA220 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I
PH208 Engineering Physics I w/ Lab
PH228 Engineering Physics II w/ Lab

This program of study is designed for students planning to graduate with an Associate of Science degree and also represents a suggested program of study for the student planning to transfer to a four-year baccalaureate degree program in wildlife biology. The program may be modified to reflect student interests and/or the requirements of a particular transfer institution.

The suggested program of study represents the minimum course work required to earn an Associate of Science Degree. Students should meet with their advisors to appropriately plan their actual programs of study and schedules.

Suggested Program of Study

Suggested Program of Study

SO100 Student Success Seminar 1
EN176 English Composition I 3
EN177 English Composition II 3
  Oral Communications - Gen. Ed.  3
  Mathematics - Gen. Ed. 3
  Natural Science with Lab - Gen. Ed. 5
  Social/ Behavioral Science - Gen. Ed. 3
  Social/ Behavioral Science - Gen. Ed. 3
  Arts/ Humanities - Gen. Ed. 3
  Arts/ Humanities - Gen. Ed. 3
  Physical Education - Lifestyle or Skill 1
  Additional AS Courses
A total of at least 22 additional credit hours of general education courses.
hours minimum
See advisor for appropriate course work selection.
BI177 Principles of Biology with Lab 5
BI285 Zoology with Lab 5
BT256 Botany with Lab 5
CH177 Chemistry I with Lab 5
CH178 Chemistry II with Lab 5
CH225 Organic Chemistry I with Lab 5
CH235 Organic Chemistry II with Lab 5
MA178 College Algebra 3
MA205 Elements of Statistics
(Calculus I should be substituted based on the transfer school)
PH208 University Physics I with Lab 5
PH228 University Physics II with Lab 5
Min. Credit Hours to Graduate:  62


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