Program Summary

This program of study with a concentration in geology or earth science is designed for the student planning to graduate with an Associate of Science degree and also represents a suggested program of study for the student planning to transfer to a four-year baccalaureate degree program in geology or earth science. The program may be modified to reflect student interests, and/or the requirements of a particular transfer institution.

Degree Offered:

Associate of Science in Physical/Earth/Geology/Natural Science

Classes Addressing Student Outcomes

CH177 Chemistry I
CH178 Chemistry II
CS125 Visual Basic
CS135 C Language
PH177 Intro to Geology
PH208 University Physics I w/ Lab
PH228 University Physics II w/ Lab
MA220 Analytical Geometry & Calculus I
MS230 Analytical Geometry & Calculus II

Suggested Program of Study

SO100Student Success Seminar1
EN176English Composition I3
EN177English Composition II3
 Oral Communications - Gen. Ed. 3
 Mathematics - Gen. Ed.3
 Natural Science with Lab - Gen. Ed.5
 Social/ Behavioral Science - Gen. Ed.3
 Social/ Behavioral Science - Gen. Ed.3
 Arts/ Humanities - Gen. Ed.3
 Arts/ Humanities - Gen. Ed.3
 Physical Education - Lifestyle or Skill1
 Additional AS Courses
A total of at least 22 additional credit hours of general education courses.
hours minimum
See advisor for appropriate course work selection.
CH177Chemistry I with Lab5
CH178Chemistry II with Lab5
MA220Analytic Geometry & Calculus I5
MA230Analytic Geometry & Calculus II5
PH177Introduction to Geology with Lab5
PH208University Physics I with Lab5
PH228University Physics II with Lab5
Min. Credit Hours to Graduate: 62