Program Summary

The English program of study prepares students for transfer into a wide range of four-year-college and university majors. 

There are a variety of options for an English major. A student majoring in English may focus on preparing for any number of careers, including: teacher, administrator, writer, researcher, lawyer, marketing analyst, editor, advertising specialist, broadcast analyst, publisher, public relations officer, and more. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites the following job growth to 2024 in fields that may be available to those with a background in studying English coursework:

  • Employment of writers and authors is projected to grow 2 percent. 
  • Employment of lawyers is projected to grow 6 percent.
  • Employment of public relations specialists is projected to grow 6 percent.
  • Employment of postsecondary teachers is projected to grow 13 percent.

Suggested Program of Study

The following program of study is designed for those students wishing to transfer to a four-year institution and complete a bachelor’s degree. An Associate of Arts degree is granted upon the completion of the following curriculum.

SO100Student Success Seminar1
EN176English Composition I3
EN177English Composition II3
 Oral Communications - Gen. Ed. 3
 Mathematics - Gen. Ed.3
 Natural Science3-5
 Social/ Behavioral Science - Gen. Ed.3
 Social/ Behavioral Science - Gen. Ed.3
 Arts/ Humanities - Gen. Ed.3
 Arts/ Humanities - Gen. Ed.3
 Physical Education - Lifestyle or Skill1
 Additional Arts Degree Courses
A total of at least 9 additional credit hours of general education courses in the area of written and oral communication, social and behavioral sciences, and arts and humanities.
See advisor for appropriate course work selection.
EN107Creative Writing3
EN202American Literature I3
EN203American Literature II3
LI176World Lit. and the Human Experience3
EN219Introduction to Literature3
Min. Credit Hours to Graduate: 62