PTA Application

Applying to the PTA Program

Please review the information below and reach out if you have questions.

Dear Applicant:

Please read through the following information carefully and follow the steps to complete the application for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Colby Community College. The deadline is April 1.

All transcripts from other colleges (photocopies are acceptable) and application forms must be Mailed to the PTA Department by the deadline (April 1st). Please see the link below to explain the requirements for observation hours. All required coursework must be a 2.0 or better and completed by August of the year you plan to start the program. It is your responsibility to get all spring and summer transcripts to the PTA office in a timely manner. There is a list of frequently asked questions available under the FAQs tab.

All interviews will be in person on the 3rd Friday of April (dates may flex one week based on the calendar year). You will be scheduled for three eight-minute individual interviews, one problem-solving room, and one group interview.  The information session will begin between 6:45- 7:30 am. As this is a regular work/school day, you are responsible for making arrangements to attend as long as necessary. Please remember that CCC is on Central Standard Time (CST). The interviewers critique the following areas on a numeric scale—appearance, poise, responsiveness, motivation, insight into the physical therapy profession, interaction with others, self-insight, ethical views, and problem-solving skills.

During the day on campus, you will be oriented to the program, have an opportunity to visit with the Financial Aid office, be given a tour of CCC, and be given time to write an essay. The essay topic will be a personal reflection question. The criteria for grading the essay include content, depth of content, individualistic voice, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Dictionaries and supplies for writing will be provided in a monitored area, and no time limit will be imposed for the essay. Computers are not allowed.

Once your application has been processed, a packet will be emailed to help you prepare for interviews and provide a list of items you need to bring to the interviews.


  1. Fill out the PTA application.
  2. Gather transcripts from all schools you have attended. A high school transcript and transcripts from any college courses you may have taken must be included.
  3. Complete the Observation Hour Requirements.
  4. Mail your Application, Transcript, Observation Hours, and $20 processing fee to:

    Colby Community College
    Attn: PTA
    1255 S. Range Ave.
    Colby KS  67701

  5. You may use the following links for further information regarding the PTA program.

    1. General Calendar of your year in the PTA program.
    2. Curriculum Guide
    3. Applicant Interview Scoring Sheet

For further information, please email or call Lyssa McCombs at 785-460-4797.