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Annual Giving Campaign

Lela Stegeman in the cafeteria

Many of you will remember Lela Stegeman. She became a part of the CCC family in 1968 and was hired to work in the cafeteria. She became well known and loved by students, faculty, and staff for her ability to remember names, numbers and faces. She took meal ticket numbers and ran the cash register. “I love my job. The kids are great, and it keeps me busy,” reported Lela to the Collegiate News, CCC’s student newspaper. When asked about retirement, Lela said she wanted no part of it. “I’ll stay here as long as they’ll have me.”

Lela passed away in 1994, and her family set up a scholarship in her honor. For the past 25 years they have worked together to fund the award. Complete with a pinewood derby, the Stegeman family gathers for a reunion in Colby. Two of Lela’s daughters are still living. Helen makes a quilt to raffle off at the event, and Mary Jane facilitates the funds and the communication with the family and the Foundation office throughout the year. The proceeds from the quilt help fund the annual scholarship and grow Lela’s endowed fund.

Lela is remembered by her family as loving, giving, and caring. They say that if she could encourage a student today, she would say, “get your education”. Her dad died when she was very young and somehow her mom found a way to allow Lela to stay in school. She cherished the fact that she was able to stay enrolled and graduate.

A 1978 edition of the Collegiate news stated, “If one were to take a poll at CCC, asking for the most familiar face on campus, the winner would surely be Mrs. Lela Stegeman.” Although Lela’s position was not an elite one, she was a difference-maker who impacted many. She chose to show students that she cared, and they were important to her.

Lela’s family has continued that legacy. They are passing the torch and continuing to invest in the next generation.

We encourage you to do the same. Please consider giving to the Annual Giving Campaign. Know that your gift to the Foundation of any size makes a difference and is appreciated. Be confident that whether you believe your gift is a little or a lot, it impacts CCC students for the better.