Living Center North is set up in a four-room, suite-style arrangement. It is the most recent fully renovated community, a project finished in the summer of 2016. This community is also the closest to the academic buildings on campus.

Cost is $3,121 for a double room (two residents in room, per student) or $3,631 for a single room (one resident in room).

Room Amenities:

  • Bed Size: Twin
  • Room Dimensions: 13'10" x 7'10"
  • Residents per Room: 2
  • Rooms per Suite: 4
  • Room Amenities: Closet Space, Desk, Bunked Beds, Cable Hook-Ups
  • Living Space Amenities: Couch, Love Seat, Cable Hook-Up
  • Bathroom Amenities: Dual Vanity, Walk-In Shower, Toilet (With Separate Door), Mirror, Towel Racks

Lounge Amenities:

  • Computer bank
  • Big screen TV with ample seating
  • Vending machine
  • Public restroom
  • Free laundry facility