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Feedlot certificate begins in August

New Certificate Program Announced

Tue Aug 8, 2023

Colby Community College announced a new one-year Feedlot certificate program to help students gain the skills and confidence to work in a feedlot operation. The 15-credit hour curriculum includes the courses Feedlot Techniques, Welding, Agricultural Workplace Communications, Horsemanship, Market Beef Production, and Nutrition. An internship in the spring semester is possible.

In the fall semester, Ultrasound Pregnancy Detection and Ag OSHA Certification courses are offered.

The Ultrasound Pregnancy Detection class meets for two hours every other week. Students learn how to diagnose pregnancy in cattle using an ultrasonography machine.

Ag OSHA Certification is an online course that teaches how to safely operate equipment typically used in an agricultural operation. By the end of the course, students will be OSHA certified in agricultural equipment.

Both courses are open to high school students and adults of all ages.

For more information on the classes, contact Beef Program Director Adalaide Kline at (785) 460-5465.