Liliana Borders

Liliana Borders gets a look at law enforcement

CCC Student Attends KHP Academy

Mon Jun 12, 2023

Liliana Borders holding her certificateSummer break was delayed a few days for Colby Community College sophomore Liliana Borders so she could attend the Kansas Highway Patrol Training Academy for Collegiate Law. The training took place the week of May 22 in Salina, culminating with graduation on May 26.

"The Collegiate Law Academy is to show you what the KHP Academy is like before you apply," said Borders. "The actual academy is 24 weeks."

A 2022 graduate of Limon High School in Limon, Colo., Borders decided to attend Colby Community College because of the criminal justice program. A CCC alumna who is a trooper recommended the academy.

"They only accept 14," Borders said. "The waiting was terrible – you wait about a month, and I found out I was accepted about two weeks before it started."

Not everyone would be interested in a strenuous week of military-like discipline requiring lights out at 10 p.m. and perfectly made beds before sunrise. But Borders has been looking forward to exploring what law enforcement offers for a long time.

"I had kind of a rough childhood. The police and detectives helped me through those times, and since then, I'm willing to help others in any way I can."

Her opportunity came after moving to Colby. A month into her freshman year at CCC, she began her current job as a jailer with the Thomas County Sheriff's Department.

"I love what the Sheriff's Office has done for me," she said. "Being a jailer is great because it's helped my communication skills."

Although a career in blue has been in her sights for a while, she comes from a background in agriculture. A four-year Future Farmers of America member in high school, Borders also participated in 4-H for 12 years and was crowned Lincoln County rodeo queen in 2022.

She was in the barn about every day for a lot of years, she said. When she wasn't working with her show goats, she could be found welding in the shop or helping on the ranch with the family's fourth-generation cattle operation.

While Borders has fond memories of growing up in Arriba, Colo., with her mom, Shannon, and sister, Starr, her experience at the Training Academy for Collegiate Law has her looking forward.

"We learned so much. In five days, we covered traffic stop scenarios, learned to drive in high-stress situations, and saw a K-9 demonstration."KHP Collegiate Academy Certificate of Completion

The cadets also toured the dispatch center, received an overview of the helicopter unit, and participated in the Breath Alcohol Unit.

Borders was only one of five females who were in attendance.

"We pushed each other like no other," she said. The academy wasn't easy, but I was able to expand my knowledge. Every piece of your uniform is earned, and the badge that goes on your hat is the last thing you receive, and you get it at graduation."

"It's a great experience if you're looking into law enforcement. Nothing there is given to you. I made a lot of friends from all over Kansas, and one cadet was from Russia."

Just 20 years old, Borders has to wait a year before applying to the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in Salina.

"It will be exciting," she said. "Although I'm not looking forward to getting tased again."