Sustainable/Renewable Energy

Program Summary

Alternative Energy graduates have opportunities in business and industry related to energy, green technologies construction, and many additional fields. The curriculum gives the student a broad based comprehensive education to prepare for transfer. Graduates are exposed to a broad background in science and energy.

Degrees Offered:
Associate of Applied Science in Sustainable/Renewable Energy
Associate of Science in Alternative Energy

Classes Addressing Outcomes

AE176 Introduction to Wind & Other Alternative Energy
AE178 AG/Rural Wind Applications
AE179 Community Wind
AE180 Wind/Solar PV Hybrid Systems
AE181 Small Wind Turbines
AE190 Electronics
AE199 Introduction to Construction
AE275 Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics
AE276 Introduction to Energy Technologies
AE277 Solar PV Fundamentals & Applications
AE279 Solar Photovoltaic Intermediate
AE280 Solar Photovoltaic Advanced
AE281 Solar Installation
AE298 Internship
AE241 Power Storage/Transmission & Conversion

Suggested Program of Study

SO100Student Success Seminar1
EN176English Composition I3
EN177English Composition II3
 Oral Communications - Gen. Ed. 3
 Mathematics - Gen. Ed.3
 Natural Science with Lab - Gen. Ed.5
 Social/ Behavioral Science - Gen. Ed.3
 Social/ Behavioral Science - Gen. Ed.3
 Arts/ Humanities - Gen. Ed.3
 Arts/ Humanities - Gen. Ed.3
 Physical Education - Lifestyle or Skill1
 Additional Ag/ Math/ Science/ Computer Component.
Declared Ag Business and Business Majors may also use business courses.
hours minimum
See advisor for appropriate course work selection.
AE176Introduction to Wind & Other Alternative Energy1
AE177Wind Engineering Concepts3
AE178AG / Rural Wind Applications3
AE179Community Wind3
AE180Wind/Solar PV Hybrid Systems3
AE181Small Wind Turbines3
AE199Introductory Craft Skills5
AE275Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics2
AE276Introduction to Energy Technologies3
AE277Basics: Small Photovoltaic Systems3
AE279Solar Photovoltaic Intermediate3
AE280Solar Photovoltaic Advanced3
Min. Credit Hours to Graduate: 62