PTA - Complaints from Outside Sources

Complaints from Outside Sources

Should an outside entity (not a student or faculty member) wish to lodge a complaint against the CCC PTA program, the following procedure will be followed. All outside entity complaints should attempt to resolve the concern before starting the formal written process. A visit with the Vice President of Academic Affairs will often resolve the matter.  Every effort will be made to solve the complaint in an expeditious manner.

  1. The outside entity submits a signed, written complaint to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  2. The Vice President of Academic Affairs will review the complaint and respond to the entity concerning the steps to be taken in responding to the complaint. The investigation may involve other parties connected with the complaint. The nature of the complaint will dictate the extent of involvement of outside parties and the length of time needed to respond to the complaint.
  3. The complainant will be notified in writing of the action taken by Colby Community College in response to the complaint.

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