CCC Trojan Logo

Institutional Publications, Logo Use Standards & Off-Campus Printing Policy

The public information office is assigned the primary responsibility for the College’s external publications. External publications include those used for recruitment of new students, those sent to the College’s various constituents as a medium for communicating official College information, and those deemed “image” publications that enhance recognition and understanding of the College.


  1. All proposed publications containing information for or about Colby Community College must have a publication number assigned by the Director of Public Information in order for them to be published.  (This includes publications funded through grants and those for student organizations.) 
  2. All requests for off-campus printing must be processed and approved through the Office of Public Information.
  3. Departmental purchase orders for off-campus printing will not be issued without the approval of the Office of Public Information. In reviewing submitted publications, the public information officer will consider economy, projected audience and use, number of copies, purpose, time and layout.  A minimum of one week should be allowed for material to be reviewed by the Public Information Office.
  4. Public Information Office will record all publications by title and number.  The publication number will include the year of printing.  Publications may be defined as any printed matter that is produced for distribution for Colby Community College.

All publications should be justified and be within the funding abilities of an organization or department.  Criteria for review of publications should include, but not be limited to, the most economical method for producing the publication.  Other criteria to be considered should include number of copies needed  to reach the projected audience; type of paper to be selected; use of photographs and color; typography; method of printing; and page size.

All publications should be produced on campus when economically feasible.


Logo Use Standards

Visual materials, in both print and electronic form, convey the identity of the College. In an increasingly competitive environment, an institution's visual identity must be distinctive, unique, and consistent. It is how the world identifies and recognizes us. The development and implementation of a consistent visual identity is an important element in continuing and building on the positive changes taking place at the College. The overall goal of this visual identity program is to formalize an institutional identity that portrays us in a unified manner consistent with our mission and vision.  In order to convey a unified image to the public, only the following logo should be used on CCC documents, publications and websites. Public Information and Copying Services will not authorize any publications that do not comply with these logo guidelines.

In producing this logo, the following color may be used: Blue (PMS 286).  Other colors may be used for design purposes only with permission.  Electronic versions of the logos are available by contacting the Public Information Office.

PMS Color Equivalents

The “Trojan Logo” is the official logo for Colby Community College.  It may be used by the athletic department and Admissions Department.  It is the only athletic logo authorized by CCC for use on college publications.  It may be used in the reverse format.  The color is Blue (PMS 286). The online equivalent is RGB: R: 0 G: 56 B: 168  /  RGB #0038a8 or CMYK equivalent is C:100% M 66% Y: 0% K: 34%