Strategic Plan and Mission

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan was developed as the blueprint for stability, progress and sustainability of Colby Community College over the next five years, from 2017-2022 and beyond. CCC is dedicated to this ongoing, inclusive planning process. The document is a foundation for all planning activities and to demonstrate a commitment to our Mission, Vision, Philosophy and Purposes. Clear goals and objectives direct Colby Community College towards student success, growth and development, and partnering effectively with the communities we serve.

The Plan was developed collaboratively among college staff, faculty and community stakeholders. 

2022-27 CCC Strategic Plan

Diversity Plan

Emergency Response Plan

Marketing Plan

Master Facilities Plan

Annual Progress Reports
Annual Operational Plan Updates

Annual Report

The Annual Report is a public document that summarizes the results and accomplishments over each academic year at CCC. The document aligns with the institutional strategic plan.

You can view the  view the 2020-22 report (PDF) or click the image below.

Past Annual Reports (PDF)

Mission, Vision, Philosophy, and Purposes


The formal institutional mission statement of Colby Community College reflects a belief that the College exists to serve and provide service and educational opportunities. The mission statement is reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees. The current statement is:

Challenge students to adapt to a diverse society. Create opportunities for student growth. Connect student learning with professional experiences.


The College has a corresponding vision statement reflecting the underpinning belief in education, learning, and service:

Colby Community College will be a national leader in academic and student success to transform the lives in the communities we serve.


The philosophy of Colby Community College complements the mission and vision statements. It is designed to provide students with opportunities, encouragement, and personal experience to help the student succeed. The philosophy is accessible on the CCC Web site, in the catalog, and in additional college publications. It reads:

Colby Community College is dedicated to the belief that each individual in Northwest Kansas should have the opportunity to develop and extend skills and knowledge for the attainment of personal objectives.

Implicit in this belief is the idea that education is a lifelong process. The college encourages the people who live in this area to participate fully in its program of educational services. The college strives to meet the needs of its students regardless of age, sex, creed, race, aspiration or educational level. 

Students attending Colby Community College are the most important people associated with the institution. All students deserve the opportunity to succeed regardless of their specific goals or aspirations. It is the intention of the college to encourage individual success. The individuality of students is respected and their potential is fostered through programs that include excellent classroom instruction, multiple opportunities for leadership, and an organized plan for counseling and advisement.  Attending Colby Community College is designed to be a very personal experience for students.  Education at Colby Community College is interesting, challenging and enjoyable. 


To adequately address its institutional mission, Colby Community College has seven purposes. They are intended to be dynamic and flexible to meet both student and community needs.

The Purposes are as follows:

  1. Offer two-year college transfer programs leading to an associate degree for students who wish to obtain a baccalaureate degree after transferring to a four-year college or university.
  2. Offer both Associate of Applied Science degrees and certificate programs in vocational and technical education for students who wish to gain competence in specific skill areas or to upgrade skills.
  3. Offer a developmental education program to serve all students who need improved academic skills, including adult basic education and preparation for the tests of General Educational Development.
  4. Offer continuing education courses and community service activities and assist economic development by providing customized on-site training.
  5. Offer students a full range of support services.
  6. Offer facilities and human resources in support of educational, civic and cultural endeavors.
  7. Offer state-of-the-art technology systems to enhance the quality of life.