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Student Support Services is a federally funded program with the objective of providing personal and academic support services to CCC students who are traditionally under-represented in college. These are students who meet certain academic and other guidelines such as low income, first-generation ( neither parent holds a college degree from a four-year college or university) and students with disabilities that impact academic performance.

Program participants must have the academic ability to be successful in college, and they must be working toward graduation requirements, All services provided through this office are free to qualifying students. Federal regulations limit the number of students served by the SSS program  to 200 per academic year.

The SSS program is designed to provide tutoring, career exploration, academic advisement, cultural and social events, transfer information to post-secondary institutions, and financial aid counseling.

The SSS office is located in the southeast area of the Student Union. All services are provided free of charge to qualifying students.

Services Available through SSS

    • General 
    • Arranging specialized individual and group orientation.
    • Assisting faculty and staff to work effectively with disabled students.
    • Advising on classroom accommodations
    • Counseling (personal, career and academic)
    • Tutoring
    • Supplemental Instruction
    • Term paper typing assistance
    • Individualized needs
    • Services to Visually Impaired Students:
    • Orientation and mobility assistance
    • Test administration/proctoring Referral of readers
    • Assistance with text books in audio format
    • Services to Hearing Impaired Students:
    • Recruitment and referral of tutor/note takers
    • Counseling and guidance for academic social and personal needs
    • Assistance in referrals to community resources
    • Interpreters (when resources allow)
    • Services to Learning Disabled Students:
    • Test proctoring for additional time
    • Reading and writing assistance with classroom exams(with instructor permission)
    • Assistance with textbooks in audio format

Obtaining Help

SSS office is located in the southeast area of the Student Union. All services are provided free of charge to qualifying students. Stop by to see if you qualify for services or call 785.460.5510. Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Alternatively, you can fill out our new online application form!


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