Is an Online or Hybrid Course Right for YOU?
Are you interested in taking an online or hybrid course? Answer the questions below and find out if you may be a good match for an online or hybrid class.

Many students really like the flexible scheduling and the degree of control they have over their own learning when taking a hybrid or online course. However, it is important to note that these college-level courses are typically just as demanding as traditional courses, while requiring the student to learn new ways of participating and interacting with the instructor, fellow students, and the course content. Is an online course right for you?

Directions: Read each question below, then click on the answer that is most true of you. When you have answered ALL the questions, cick Submit to see your score. There are no right or wrong answers, so please respond as honestly as you can.

I am comfortable using computers.
I have a computer, or access to a computer, with an Internet connection on a regular basis.
I am familiar with how to send and receive email.
I am familiar with how to attach a file to an email message.
I am familiar with how to navigate the Internet using a browser program.
I can type fairly well and have basic word processing skills.
I know how to save and locate files on my computer.
I am self-motivated and can set schedules for myself.
I have good reading skills.
I can dedicate approximately 9 hours a week to each individual course.
Once committed to a task I almost always complete it.
I enjoy trying new things.
I am comfortable asking questions when I have a problem or concern.
The social aspect of class and school are not a primary concern to me.
I have difficulty arranging my schedule to accommodate on campus classes.
I do well following written directions.




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