Adult & Continuing Education

Colby Community College adult education assists learners in making measurable gains in acquiring the skills necessary for success in today’s world.  The program offers a variety of courses designed to help individuals prepare to meet their educational and employment goals including:
  • Academic Improvement
    • Work to raise skills including reading, math, social studies, science and writing
    • Develop foundations based on the state adopted common core
    • Build a foundation for ongoing college and career readiness
  • GED Exam Preparation
    • Review foundational concepts
    • Advance vocabulary and reading comprehension skills
    • Develop higher level abilities required in mathematics
    • Improve reasoning and problem solving capabilities
    • Acquire the technology skills required to successfully complete the GED in a computer based exam
  • Basic Technology
    • Self-paced, computer based course with instructor assistance 
    • Learn terminology, practice skills necessary for basic computer and internet operation
  • Pre-Health Post-secondary Care Bridge
    • Reading for meaning
    • Learn to do calculations based on problems and case studies in the Health Care field
    • Gain confidence in study, test taking, basic technology
  • Work and Life Skills
    • Prepare for employment: resume, cover letter, applications, interviewing
    • Securing and maintaining employment
    • Money Management
  • Transitioning into Post-secondary
    • Boost basic skills
    • Build self-esteem and self confidence
    • Explore career opportunities
    • Prepare for college entrance exams
    • Meet with admissions personnel



Colby Community College provides the highest quality education possible with over 60 majors. We accommodate
hundreds of off-campus students by offering classes at 24 locations in the 14-county service area, including
campuses in Norton and Wakeeney, and through online distance education courses. CCC is located on an
80-acre main campus and has a 64-acre agricultural center east of the city in Colby, Kansas.  
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Colby Community College is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity and diversity.


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