Transfer Policy

A student transferring to Colby Community College from any accredited college or university must have official transcripts mailed to the Registrar’s Office (Colby Community College, 1255 South Range, Colby, KS 67701). A student may be eligible for an Associate of Arts Degree, an Associate of Science Degree, an Associate of General Studies Degree, an Associate of Applied Science Degree, or a Certificate Program utilizing the credit hours transferred from another accredited institution. A minimum of 15 semester hours must be completed through Colby Community College.



A transcript is a copy of a student’s permanent academic record. CCC now processes transcript requests electronically using technology provided by Docufide.

Transcripts for a student’s secondary and previous college education, which have been submitted to Colby Community College as a requirement for admission, become a part of the official file. CCC does not reissue or certify copies of transcripts from other institutions. Transcripts must be ordered directly from the institution where the coursework was taken.

Transcripts will not be released if there is a hold on your student record. All holds must be resolved before a transcript will be released. Transcript requests are generally processed within three business days. You may view the status of your request on the Docufide Web site.

Paper requests for official transcripts are no longer processed on campus. Transcript requests must be submitted electronically as directed.

Transcript Fee

The transcript fee is $8.00 per copy paid through Docufide. Requests for a paper transcript to be sent by US mail will be assessed additional fees.

How to Order a Transcript

To RegisterTo OrderView Docufide Student User Guide

Pre-Order End-of-Semester Transcripts

Processing end-of-semester transcripts may take up to a week due to the high volume of requests. If you will need a transcript released after your final grades have been posted, submit your request early in the semeter to ensure timely processing. If you want your transcript to be sent after your current semester final grades are posted, select “Next Grading Period Transcript” rather than “Current Transcript.”

Print an Unofficial Transcript

You may view your grades online or print an unofficial transcript at no charge by logging in to TrojanWeb.

Transcripts Received from Other Schools

Copies of official transcripts from other colleges or schools that you have submitted to us cannot be released by CCC. To request copies of transcripts from other schools, contact the Registrar’s office of that school to make your request.

Other Important Information

Please note the following: 
- Transcripts will not be issued if any institutional obligations exist with CCC.
- Transcripts that are faxed to another insitution or person are considered to be an advising document (unofficial) ONLY, and an official transcript may need to be sent in addition.

Verification Request

If a verification statement is needed for current or past enrollment, there will be a $5 fee assessed. (such as for health insurance, good student discounts on car insurance, credit card applications, housing applications, etc.) A request for verification form must be completed by the student in the Student Services office.


If you have any questions that we have not answered, please call us at (785) 460-4677 or email us at




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