Placement Policy
To ensure the success of students at Colby Community College, all students are required to take developmental courses if placement testing has indicated they are not fully prepared for college work.  Part-time students are required to take the placement testing prior to enrolling in their first English or math class.  To meet this challenge, Colby Community College offers developmental courses in reading and study skills, writing, and mathematics.  These courses are designed to give students the needed skills to succeed in their college level classes.

Before students are allowed to enroll in mathematics, English, or reading courses through Colby Colby Community College, they must demonstrate readiness for coursework through their ACT scores and/or the COMPASS placement test

Students who are exempt from placement testing include:

  1. Students who have earned a bachelor's or an associate's degree.
  2. Students who have successfully completed ("C" or higher) and followed the developmental sequence in math, writing, or reading are exempt from the requirement for assessment in that subject only.
  3. Students who have successfully completed ("C" or higher) a 100-level or above course in English are exempt from the requirement for assessment in English and reading.
  4. Students who have successfully completed ("C" or higher) a 100-level or above course in mathematics are exempt from the requirement for assessment in mathematics.
  5. Students who have taken the ACT/SAT test within two years prior to enrollment and have scores within the acceptable range are exempt from placement testing in that subject area only.

Students must follow the sequence of developmental courses and pass with at least a "C" to move to the next level.

Students may retake COMPASS at a cost of $5.00 per section for the following reasons:

  1. Students feel placement results do not accurately reflect their abilities.
  2. Students feel they have improved their skills through refresher work or previous developmental course work.
  3. Students feel the grade received does not reflect their abilities and/or they desire to advance in the course sequence.

Contact the CCC Admissions Office by phone, 888.634.9350, ext. 4690 or by email.


Mandatory Placement Guide

MathematicsACT ScoreCOMPASS ScoreSAT Score
MA050: Math Essentials0-13Pre-Algebra 0-21200-339
MA076: Beginning Algebra14-17Pre-Algebra 22-100
Algebra 0-3
*MA169: Survey of Mathematics18-20Algebra 31-49420-519
MA177: Intermediate Algebra19-21Algebra 31-49420-519
MA178: College Algebra22 & upAlgebra 50-100
College Algebra 0-43
520 & up
MA220: Calculus I24 & upCollege Algebra 0-43600 & up
CompositionACT ScoreCOMPASS ScoreSAT Score
EN077: Fundamentals of Writing I0-110-220-250
EN078: Fundamentals of Writing II12-1723-54251-430
EN176: English Composition IEnglish score 18 & up
Reading score 18 & up
Writing score 55 & up
Reading score 73 & up
Writing score 431 & up
Reading score 460 & up
ReadingACT ScoreCOMPASS ScoreSAT Score
EN014: Reading & Study Skills I0-110-530-250
EN015: Reading & Study Skills II12-1754-72251-459




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