Why Choose On-Campus?

Colby Community College offers a great opportunity for students to live on campus! Living Center Northeast, our three-story building, is the newest addition to our housing options. Additionally, Living Center North has been completely renovated, and Living Center East is on a two-year plan to be fully renovated by the summer of 2018.
These improvements are designed to show students the Colby Community College commitment to excellence by providing students the best amenities possible, and offering a positive experience to each and every student. Some of the amazing on-campus opportunities include:
  • Involvement in Clubs and Organizations
  • Resident Assistant Employment (second-year students)
  • Student Activity Programming
  • Recreational Areas (swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, racquetball courts, walking trail)

Living on campus gives students quick access to each of these experiences, as well as the hope that they can develop friendships and networks with students in their suite, floor, and community. 

Surprise Benefits

Research shows that where a student lives is one of the key factors to success in college. Students who live on-campus are more likely to: have a higher degree of satisfaction with their college experience, participate in co-curricular activities, return the following year, and are more satisfied with personal and educational relationships than those living off-campus.

Additionally, Colby Community College is protected by a campus security officer who patrols to ensure safety and security. In addition, the officer provides some additional services such as assisting with inoperable vehicles and unlocking services.

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