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For the last several years, the college has been developing a student outcomes assessment process. The purpose of this process is to identify key areas of learning (outcomes), define assessment tools that will measure these outcomes, and then utilize data from student assessments to help us gauge and improve student learning.  Not only is this a critical process for our institution but one that we have to have in place to maintain our Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association regional accreditation.  This accreditation is important because without it the college cannot offer financial aid, receive Federal funds, or transfer courses to other colleges and universities.

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What is the Student Learning Assessment Committee?

The CCC Student Learning Assessment Committee, with representatives from each academic division, recommends, facilitates and supports policies, processes and practices used by the College for assessing student learning. The committee is a resource for all faculty and staff when they undertake assessment initiatives and a clearinghouse and reporting agent for college-wide data on academic achievement. In collaboration with academic divisions, assessment methodologies are developed and specific requirements of content, form and timing are established to measure student learning. Assessment data will be used to inform and implement changes leading to improved student learning.


Statement on Assessment for Colby Community College

Syllabus Statement - This is the standard statement about assessment for all courses.

Colby Community College assesses student learning at several levels:  general education, program, and classroom. The goal of these assessment activities is to improve student learning. As a student in this course, you will participate in various assessment activities. An example of your work, a paper, some test questions, a presentation, or other work may be selected for assessment.  This process will not affect your grade, will not require you do additional work and your evaluation will be confidentially handled.  Results of these activities will be used to improve teaching and learning at Colby Community College.

Kansas Core Outcomes Statements - If a course has completed the Kansas Core Outcomes Project, that course syllabus should contain the following statement:

The learning outcomes and competencies detailed in this syllabus meet or exceed the learning outcomes and competencies specified by the Kansas Core Outcomes Project for this course.


General Education Student Outcomes:

The college has identified the following expectations for all students who complete a degree at Colby Community College.  They are expected to:
  • Deliver effective oral presentations.
  • Utilize grammatically correct and logically written English.
  • Exhibit a higher level of critical thinking processes.
  • Solve quantitative problems utilizing a variety of techniques and methods.
  • Utilize technology relevant to disciplines of study.
  • Evaluate their own intercultural sensitivity and global awareness.


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The mission of Colby Community College is engaging others in learning and service opportunities to positively affect their world.  

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