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Just a few easy steps... That's all it takes to become a student at Colby Community College. Our helpful, knowledgeable admissions and financial aid staff are available to make the process easier.
  1. Apply online.
  2. Choose your program (if seeking a degree).
  3. Talk to your advisor (assigned to you after you are accepted).
  4. Enroll. Sign into Trojanweb and search for the courses.

Online Programs

Associate DegreesTechnical CertificatesCertificates of Completion 
Sustainable/Renewable EnergySmall Wind TechnologyMassage Therapy
Veterinary TechnologySolar PhotovoltaicSmall Wind Technology
Equine ScienceVirtual Office AssistantSolar Photovoltaic
 Veterinary Technology Office AssistantVeterinary Office Assistant



Founded in 1998, EDUKAN is a cooperative effort between six Kansas Community Colleges including Colby Community College offering over 205 courses year round exclusively online.

EDUKAN is not a separate institution, but instead a cooperative effort between member colleges to offer courses via the Internet beginning Fall 1999. Those who enroll in the online program will be able to take coursework that may lead to an associate degree from one of six participating institutions.

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2017-2018 ONLINE RATES 
Thomas County Resident$120
Kansas Resident$125
Regional (CO, MO, NE, OK, TX)        $145
EduKan Online Classes*$150

 *Some EduKan classes have the book included in the course for $115.

A one-time administrative fee of $25.00 will be automatically applied to the account of the students who fail to attend class at the end of the eight-day Add/Drop/Last day to Withdraw period.

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