Agriculture Education

Associate of Science

This course of study is a transfer program for the student interested in preparing for a career as a teacher of Vocational Agriculture in high school.  The Associate of Science Degree is awarded to students fulfilling the requirements of the program.

Suggested Program of Study
AG101Agriculture Orientation1
EN176English Composition I3
EN177English Composition II3
 Oral Communications - Gen. Ed. 3
 Mathematics - Gen. Ed.3
 Natural Science with Lab - Gen. Ed.5
 Social/ Behavioral Science - Gen. Ed.3
 Social/ Behavioral Science - Gen. Ed.3
 Arts/ Humanities - Gen. Ed.3
 Arts/ Humanities - Gen. Ed.3
 Physical Education - Lifestyle or Skill1
 Additional AS Courses
A total of at least 22 additional credit hours of general education courses.
hours minimum
See advisor for appropriate course work selection.
AG106Principles of Agriculture Economics3
AG107Crop Science with Lab4
AG117Soils with Lab4
AG126Principles of Livestock Nutrition3
AG149Principles of Animal Science3
AG150Principles of Animal Science Lab
AG209 Agricultural Law2
BI100 General Biology with Lab4
 AS Agricultural Component9
Min. Credit Hours to Graduate: 62


Associate of Science Agriculture Component/ Elective Hours:
AG106Principles of Agriculture Economics
AG107 Crop Science with Lab
AG109Farm Records & Accounts
AG117Soils with Lab
AG118Marketing Agricultural Products
AG125 Techniques of Livestock Selection
AG126 Principles of Livestock Nutrition
AG149 Principles of Animal Science
AG150Principles of Animal Science Lab
AG153Reproduction of Farm Animals
AG205Agricultural Finance
AG209 Agricultural Law
AG226Applied Livestock Nutrition
AG240Market Beef Production
AG245Advanced Livestock Judging
AG247Animal Breeding
AG249Artificial Insemination
AG293Agriculture Entomology



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