Colby Community College offers community enrichment workshops for non-credit learning activities, available to people of all ages. Register using the form below or contact the Admissions Office at (785) 460-4690. Payment is due the first night of classes with cash or check payable to Colby Community College.

Print the community enrichment workshops flyer.


Essential Oil 
Bedker Memorial Complex – Room 705
6:00-7:00 p.m.
Never heard of Essential Oils?  Great!  Come and learn how they can be a natural solution to your family's health and wellness!

October 12 - Essential Oil Basics and Safety
What's a drop of oil going to do anyway? Where in the world do they come from? Is this just another fad?

October 19 - Mood Management with Essential Oils
Overwhelmed? Sad? Anxious? Stressed Out? Olfactory what?   What in the world does my sense of smell have to do with any of that?

October 26 - Essential Oils for Aches and Discomfort
Ouch! Muscles yelling at you? Joints complaining? Old injuries taunting? Head tension a distraction?

*Limit of 20 students per session. Cost $15.00 per session or $35 for all three sessions. Payment due the first night of class.


Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel 
Bedker Memorial Complex - Room 704
6:00-7:00 p.m.

November 14 – Microsoft Word
This workshop provides tips and tricks for using Microsoft Word more efficiently. You will work with editing and formatting features such as setting tabs, the difference between cut and copy, the difference between backspace and delete, automatic page numbering, bulleted and numbered lists, tables, styles, headers and footers, clipart, mail merge, templates, and more.  No matter what your skill level is with Microsoft Word, you will most likely pick up some new tricks.

November 28 – Microsoft Excel
This workshop will provide the user some time saving tricks when using Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheets are useful tools for number crunching so focus will be on entering, editing, and formatting data and text; creating basic and advanced formulas and functions; using automatic fills; creating charts; absolute and relative references; working with multiple sheets; and printing just the information you want from your spreadsheet.  By the end of this workshop, you will want to use Excel for day-to-day tasks.

* Limit of 24 students per session. Cost is $20.00 per session or $30.00 for both sessions. Payment due the first night of class.